Linksys BEFSR41 Firmware 1.45.11 Workaround

There's a bug in the latest Linksys firmware, version 1.45.11, that causes the BEFSR41 to seemingly drop off the net at regular intervals. This is caused by it loosing it's DHCP lease. Unfortunately, this version of the firmware is needed to fix a security bug. See, for example, The Inquirer's story.

Here I provide a script that works around the problem by manually renewing the DHCP lease without having to repeatedly point a web-browser at the router. Download the script,, and edit it to include your router password in the indicated place. I then suggest scheduling the script to run, say, once per hour

The script is written in Perl, which comes with Linux. Windows users who lack Perl can download it from ActiveState.


This script is now obsolete. The DHCP bug has been fixed in version 1.46 of the firmware, which can be downloaded from Linksys.

Last updated: 2004-07-31