cddb2md is a Linux tool for automatically setting the titles of tracks on a NetMD capable MiniDisc recorder. It fetches the titles from in CDDB format, and writes them to the disc via a USB cable.

This page describes version 0.2.2 of cddb2md.



The latest version is at


cddb2md is fully interactive. Give it a whirl.

froglet:~> ~/src/perl/

 0) misc    7109a90a  Belle & Sebastian / Tigermilk
 1) misc    9509c50a  Belle & Sebastian / Tigermilk
 2) misc    9409c50a  Belle And Sebastian / Tigermilk
 3) misc    9509c70a  Belle & Sebastian / Tigermilk
 4) folk    9509c70a  Belle and Sebastian / Tigermilk
 5) newage  8709cb0a  Belle & Sebastian / Tigermilk
Pick a disc from the list, or enter a CDDB category and disc-ID as found at
Alternatively, press ^D to exit.
> 0
Belle & Sebastian / Tigermilk
  1) The State I Am In
  2) Expectations
  3) She's Losing It
  4) You're Just a Baby
  5) Electronic Renaissance
  6) I Could Be Dreaming
  7) We Rule The School
  8) My Wandering Days Are Over
  9) I Don't Love Anyone
 10) Mary Jo
Is this correct (y/n)? y

CDDB disc IDs are computed from the exact lengths of tracks on CDs. Unfortunately, the track lengths will be slightly different on MiniDisc to CD, especially if the disc is an analogue recording with manually added track marks. However, CDDB has a fuzzy match feature, and, if possible, cddb2md will list likely matches to choose from. Failing that, you can search by artist and album title at's website, and enter the disc category and ID directly into cddb2md. The artist, album title and track titles can then be transfered to the disc.

Of course, for any of this to work, or even be useful, you must first listen through the disc, making sure that there are the correct number of tracks, and that the track marks are in roughly the right places. When making an analogue recording, track marks get automatically placed when there's a few seconds of silence. If there's no silence between tracks, or silence in the middle of tracks, you'll need to manually add or remove the track marks. You also need to remove any extra silence that's been recorded after the last track.

If you have recorded several albums on one MiniDisc, you also need to form them into groups using either your recorder's controls or omd's addgroup option.



Bug reports, comments, and other feedback is most welcome. Please email me, Peter Oliver, at


cddb2md is made available under the GNU GPL, version 2.

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