Peter Oliver

You've reached my homepage: a rarely-maintained dumping ground for things that, at some point along the line, I felt I should share with the world.



I include these in the hope that people will find them useful.

Mijnlieff on Board Game Arena

Mijnlieff is a quick little abstract strategy game for two players, designed by Andy Hopwood and published by XVgames. You can play in a web browser at Board Game Arena.

Boardgames Online

Discover where to play your collection of boardgames via the Internet, until Covid-19 passes.


slimpris2 provides MPRIS 2 remote control of Logitech Media Server, allowing it to be controlled using the user interface integrated into your Linux desktop, or even an Android phone running KDE Connect.

Music Family Trees

Chart the relationships between musicians and their bands. A bit like Pete Frame's Rock Family Trees, but without the detailed artwork or careful biographical details.

Music Scene Map

Plot on a world map a collection of similar artists.

Fedora Copr RPM packages

Assorted packages that haven’t gone into Fedora proper just yet.

Festival Clashfinder

Print your own music festival running-order.


Easy to find xterms.

Tango Colours for PuTTY

ls output that you can actually read.


Remove special characters from filenames so that they can be written to, e.g., a digital audio player that doesn't allow them.


A Quick Guide to UNIX Pipes

This brief description of UNIX I/O streams was taken from a posting to the Wolverhapton Linux User Group mailing list. People seemed to think it was particularly helpful, and there wasn't a mailing list archive back then, so I thought I'd put it where Google would find it.

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